Manifesto: off-the-mainstream research

"Mainstream science is about publishing what everyone else is publishing with very small changes. You'd better at least start off that way if you want to get tenure," the sociologist Rodney Stark said. But "big ideas don't come to those who avoid risk", as John Bohannon added. The area of artificial neural networks and machine learning makes no exception to these ends. Mainstream topics, originally stemming from exciting breakthroughs (the "big ideas") that gradually become trends and end-up being mostly over-beaten publishing tracks, have characterized the scientific literature throughout the whole history of this research field. Based on these premises, IAPR-TC3 promotes real novel research developments in the areas of neural networks and learning machines that (1) are rooted in (or, aimed at) pattern recognition, and that, above all, (2) do not follow in the footsteps of nowadays established trends.

Established IAPR-TC3 research directions

The main lines of scientific interest to IAPR-TC3 can be grouped as follows: