What is IAPR-TC3?

The IAPR-TC3 is one of the twenty Technical Committees of the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR). The scope of the Technical Committee 3 of IAPR is to constitute a forum and promote reserach in the areas of artificial neural networks, computational intelligence, and machine learning techniques for pattern recognition. Topics of interest include deep learning, adaptive modeling of sequences and structures (i.e., graphs), probabilistic graphical models, kernel methods, fuzzy systems, evolutionary computing/genetic algorithms, and those branches of statistics that are relevant to these fields. Applications embrace such areas as bioinfomratics, cheminformatics, audio & video processing, image classification (including OCR, handwritten text recognition, decision-making in bio-medical imaging), forensics.

How to join IAPR-TC3?

If you wish to be added to the IAPR-TC3 mailing list and be brought up to speed on our activities and forthcoming events, all you need to do is to contact the IAPR-TC3 Chair. As of August 2013, more than 250 scientists worldwide are members of the IAPR-TC3 mailing list.